Sony details PS3 Trophy system

PS3 platform holder Sony has finally released some concrete details about its PS3 Trophy system that will be introduced with the machine’s next firmware update, 2.40.

In a new update on the US PlayStation Blog, Sony’s director of PSN Operations Eric Lempel outlined what Sony has in mind for its answer to Microsoft’s popular Achievement system.

‘Achieving’ certain milestones in supported titles will reward gamers with Trophies – either bronze, silver, gold or platinum. The number of trophies a gamer has won will be outlined in a brand new PSN profile page, which can be compared with anyone on a gamer’s Friends List.

The main point of the trophy system is to award you for your accomplishments in-game,” Lempel explained. There’s a large community of you out there playing games and this will really help you build your profile and show your friends and other gamers how much you game and what you’ve accomplished in-game.”

Winning Trophies also contributes to a player’s ‘Level’ – and again, this is displayed on the PSN profile. Gamers will also be able to browse available unlocked Trophies in any particular title.

The number of Trophies available in any game is limited by the ‘type’ of game it is – presumably this will work in the same way as titles on Xbox Live, where 200 Achievement Points are available in downloadable Arcade titles and 1000 available in full-price retail releases.

Lempel also confirmed that third party publishers have already been given the tools to integrate Trophies into existing titles – and whilst no companies have yet announced retrospective support, expect the big players to do so shortly.

The list of compatible games announced so far includes upcoming triple-A titles LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2 and Motorstorm Pacific Rift. Existing titles Super Stardust HD, PAIN ad Warhawk will also boast Trophies, along with future releases such as NBA 09, Buzz! Quiz TV, SOCOM and PixelJunk Eden.

Though no date has been announced as of yet, many expect 2.40 to arrive as early as later this week.

UPDATE: Looks like they were right – 2.40 will be released this Wednesday.

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