SONY: Dust 514 is free on PS3

Developer CCP has placed a rather big feather in the PS3’s hat by confirming that shooter Dust 514 will be exclusive to Sony’s console.

Dust 514 will link players to the real-time goings on of popular PC space MMO EVE Online. The consequences of the battles in the console game will have a direct effect on the PC universe.

In a surprise move, the game has not only shunned retail and become download-only – it will also be free to download. Players will then have the chance to spend money in-game on a range of weaponry, battle gear and vehicles.

Gamers will be able to obtain these items both with in-game currency and their PlayStation wallet. It will also be fully compatible with the PlayStation Move and Sharp Shooter peripheral.

The ability for Sony Computer Entertainment to partner with a developer like CCP, known for pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the MMO genre, holds tremendous potential for the PS3 community,” SCEA’s senior VP Rob Dyer stated.

We anticipate that Dust 514 will transform the landscape across PlayStation 3 and the PC, ushering in a new era of shared cross platform gaming.”

CCP CEO Hilmar Veigar Ptursson added: When we set out to build a true persistent shooter for consoles, it was evident that Sony’s dedication to providing a flexible and MMO-friendly platform -alongside a robust virtual goods business model- made the PS3 the natural home for Dust 514.

"CCP’s ambition is to bring a level of truly meaningful, persistent gameplay to the PlayStation 3 never before seen."

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