SONY: E3 2013 round-up

It’s clear to anyone attending tonight’s event that this year’s Sony press conference was a crowd-pleaser.

The audience erupted with approval as the platform holder shrewdly positioned itself as a welcoming alternative to all the confusion and negativity surrounding rival Microsoft and its new console.

PlayStation 4 will be cheaper – almost 100 cheaper. PlayStation 4 will not stop you from trading in games, or demand that you connect to the internet every day.

Sony boss Jack Tretton could have just come out on the stage, said his piece about embracing pre-owned then walked off, considering it a job well done.

Instead, Sony still managed to pack two hours with a good mix of announcements: surprise reveals, exclusives (both in games and in content), some new details on titles we already knew about and some promising additions to its already competitive service.

Here’s a round-up of all the news from tonight’s conference:

PS4 launches at 349 this Christmas

VIDEO: PlayStation lays down the law: no restriction on pre-owned

Microsoft digs abound as Sony confirms pre-owned plans for PS4

PlayStation hosts first gameplay demo of Destiny

Gaikai to stream PS3 games on PS4 in 2014

PS Plus carries over for PS4 but introduces multiplayer charge

Mad Max game coming to PlayStation 4

The Elder Scolls Online coming to PS4

Transistor and Oddworld remake lead PS4 indie line-up

Final Fantasy Versus XIII becomes FF XV on PS4; Kingdom Hearts III announced

40 first-party games in development for PS4

Killzone, Driveclub and Knack confirmed as launch titles

New IP The Order 1866 announced for PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 finally revealed – see it here

Batman and GTA exclusives confirmed for PS3

More than 85 games and Walking Dead bundle coming to Vita

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