Sony expanding the PlayStation Network beyond PS3

Sony CEO Sir Howard Stringer has spoken on how online services have driven the expansion of the PlayStation business, and has implied that Sony is set to push the PSN service on other devices.

We will be expanding the PlayStation Network to hardware other than the PS3,” he said in an interview with Asian news service Nikkei. He said that Sony will be expanding the PSN because the number of PS3 units sold puts a limit on the scale of the network possible.”

Sony has a vertical structure for each product line, an organizational structure that resists change, so it will take time to achieve this network growth. However, a large number of employees share my opinion on this,” he added.

There are currently over 20 million registered PlayStation Network accounts, with each user able to access certain parts of the service via PS3, PC and PSP. Video content is available on the service and there’s been recent speculation that Netflix is set to expand its rental streaming service to PlayStation systems.

Recent rumours have also suggested that a new PSP device is set to be unveiled soon, designed with digital content and downloadable games in mind.

Source: Nikkei.

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