Sony expects ‘good supply’ of PS4s throughout launch window

It may be nearly impossible to find a launch day PS4 in the UK any more, but Sony reckons the console’s supply situation is in good shape.

[This is] the first platform launch that I’ve ever been involved with where we’ve had such a good production ramp up and a good sense of supply,” SCE CEO Andrew House told GameInformer.

I think that we will be in good supply in the countries that we’ve launched in.

You try to strike a balance, particularly for us with such a strong brand in all the European countries and across the Middle East. We are ensuring that we have the broadest reach to ensure that people are satisfied, especially when they’ve been loyal to brand for so long. On the other hand, we’re not engendering frustration by having a shortage of supply.”

House also touched on Sony’s decision to go with a single hardware SKU for the PS4, without offering different hard drive sizes.

Historically, Europeans tend to gravitate more toward a greater variety of value SKUs,” he stated, adding that (in GameInformer’s words) Americans were largely unhappy with multiple launch SKUs”.

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