Sony explains Vita Slim strategy, but screen downgrade draws criticism

The re-designed PlayStation Vita has been constructed with a very simple premise in mind – make the system cheaper and more appealing.

To put it differently, the Slim is about attracting more gamers without affecting the game experience” the machine’s head of design Mika Nagae told Famitsu, as reported by Polygon.

"In addition to people who’re already using PS Vitas, we were also targeting new users here. The current Vita presents this sort of high-class look with its coloring but we wanted the new Vita to be accessible by anyone, regardless of age or gender.

So I discussed things with the designers, trying to come up with casual, yet fresh and unique colours we could use. The colours have been pretty basic up to now, but the new Vita is trying to change that image by taking a different approach to colouring.

"In addition, the speaker holes have also been rearranged into this kind of flower shape which I, at least, think is cute.”

However, one element of the redesign that has drawn criticism is the decision to drop the original Vita’s beautiful OLED screen in favour of an LCD version.

A picture posted on Twitter, which you can see below, seems to suggest that the change brings with it a significant drop in vibrancy and colour quality.

Speaking to Nikkei (as reported by Kotaku), PlayStation boss Andrew House reckons that the change won’t result in any noticeable drop in quality for users.

"The main reason is that the LCD panel can now realize an image as high quality as that of the OLED panel," he stated, although he did add that the change to LCD made it easier to slim down the PS Vita.

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