‘Sony has the potential to make the game console market its exclusive territory’, analyst claims

A US analyst has predicted that Sony could eventually grow to control virtually the entire console market.

"Sony has the potential to make the game console market its exclusive territory,” Bank of America/Merrill Lynch analyst Eiichi Katayama told The Wall Street Journal in a report claiming that the company’s current strategy is to transform its successful PlayStation division into a hub for a broader entertainment offer, part of which will include streaming TV.

It also wants to expand its in-beta PS Now streaming games service to phones, tablets and non-Sony TVs.

Chief executive Andrew House has admitted to discussions with a range of content partners regarding TV streaming, which Sony plans to introduce in the US before the end of the year.

Viacom has already been confirmed as a partner, with plans to offer MTV and Nickelodeon content.

Said House: "A streaming-based approach needs to have a very wide funnel of devices, and that inherently means a broad- and manufacturer-agnostic approach.”

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