SONY: Horror game P.T. leads strong PlayStation game lineup

Sony has unveiled a whole host of previously unannounced games, including P.T., The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Hollowpoint, Rime, Snow and more.

P.T. was announced with the release of an ‘interactive teaser’, available now on the PlayStation Store. The trailer itself largely involved reaction shots of scared-looking individuals screaming while holding PS4 controllers.

The game joins The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, a game inspired by 19th-century weird fiction tales and developed by The Astronauts, which is also coming to PC later this year.

Paradox revealed Hollowpoint, another game also coming to PC. The title is a four-person co-op combat game set in the 20th century where players take charge of shadowy ‘Organisations’ and complete missions in return for pay.

Joining the list is Snow, a free-roaming skiing and snowboard game recently released through Steam Early Access.

One game which is currently PlayStation 4 exclusive is Rime, a title first seen almost exactly one year ago at Gamescom 2013. Developer Tequila Works said the title "tells the story of a boy who must use his wits and ingenuity to survive and escape from a mysterious island and a terrible curse”.

Dreamfall Chapters, a Kickstarter-revived adventure series, is also coming to PS4 as a ‘First on PlayStation’ release, following the franchise’s release on PC.

Out of the dark also came Until Dawn, a former PS3 exclusive game designed for the PlayStation Move and developed by UK outlet Supermassive Games that was delayed in order to jump over onto the PS4. The horror title sees a group of teenagers trying to survive one hell of a night – but depending on the choices players make, not all of them will make it.

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