Sony: How precise does Move need to be?

In the future Sony could choose to upgrade its motion controller Move via firmware updates over PSN – but the platform holder has said that the device is accurate enough for the time being.

We can certainly update it through firmware – the real question is, do we want to?” SCEA R&D engineer and Move co-creator Anton Mikhailov told Eurogamer.

So far we haven’t had any real requests from studios to improve the accuracy. There are a couple of issues here and there we can fix, but the majority the games are not even taxing it to its full accuracy.

How much more precise does it need to be? We need to decide. There’s room for some more precision. It’s going to be up to us.”

Mikhailov went on to explain that users are going to notice improvements in the device anyway as developers increasingly get to grips with its complexities and the many ways in which Move can be integrated into their titles.

The character control and animations are going to improve vastly because most games of this era were set up to do DualShock control,” he added. Everything was baked and scripted. With the Move you have this one-to-one control over the character – you’ve seen that in The Fight and Sports Champions.

There are noticeably some glitches and everyone’s aware of that. It’s quite good, in my opinion, for the time we had, but we can improve on that. That will be much better in the future.”

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