Sony is making a ‘significant investment’ in VR

Virtual reality is a serious part of PlayStation’s future, according to Sony’s UK boss Andrew House.

"It’s definitely more than an experiment,” he told The Guardian. We’ve made some commitments; we’re putting significant investment into the product.

"With Oculus we saw this groundswell of game development that didn’t necessarily have a monetisable or a business option, but [developers were] so passionate about this space that they were doing this essentially in their spare time.

It struck that me that if there’s a variety of game developers showing interest in this space then it’s probably time to jump in and see if we can play a part and give them the tools they’re looking for."

Mind you, Sony also made a huge investment in 3D gaming on PS3 – only to more or less completely drop the technology from PS4. It is consumers who will ultimately decide on the fate of VR, much in the same way as it was consumers who deemed that 3D in the home was of little interest.

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