SONY: Microsoft digs abound as Sony confirms pre-owned plans for PS4

In a none-too-subtle dig at Microsoft, Sony confirmed that PlayStation 4 will not be limited by the same restrictions as Xbox One.

During the platform holder’s E3 press conference, Sony Computer Entertainment America boss Jack Tretton confirmed that PS4 will allow users to play pre-owned games.

That PS4 owners are free to do what they will with their purchased games, whether that’s trade them in, lend them to a friend, sell them on or keep them.

That the PlayStation 4 does not need to be connected to play single-player games, nor does it require any form of online authentication. That it won’t stop working if you don’t go online within 24 hours.

And the crowd went wild.

"We believe in the model that people embrace today," said Tretton. That, Microsoft, is clarification.

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