Sony Move is the Wii HD

While Microsoft’s Natal looks to take the motion gaming revolution on an entirely different direction, the similarities between Sony’s PlayStation Move and Nintendo’s Wii are hard to escape from.

And the result? According to Michael Pachter, it’s twofold – on the one hand, the Move is a very easy sell for Sony, and on the other, it could mean bad news for Nintendo.

I really truly believe that Sony Move is the Wii HD,” the analyst told Eurogamer. That’s a very easy upsell for Sony to say ‘If you have a Wii and you really want to play high-def games on your new big HD TV we’ve got ’em’.

That’s been my quote: I told everyone a Wii HD was coming this year, it just happens to say PS3 on the box. It is the Wii HD.”

If PlayStation Move does go on to gain traction in the market, as well as the benefits it will bring to Sony there’s also a chance that it could have a detrimental effect on Nintendo’s market position. Pachter continues:

Nintendo is on the verge of – certainly not dropping into third place or anything – but losing its dominance. Sony is a winner and Nintendo is a loser on the console side, because the Wii Vitality Sensor isn’t going to excite anybody. If you look at Nintendo’s line-up, everything we care about is either out or known by now.”

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