Sony patents PlayStation VR motion-tracking glove

VR players may soon be able to have their real-life hand movements accurately recreated in game.

A Sony patent is described at length in itsofficial paperworkas:

Aglove interface objectcomprising at least one flex sensor configured to generate flex sensor data identifying a flex of at least one finger portion of theglove interface object; at least one contact sensor configured to generate contact sensor data identifying a contact between a first portion of theglove interface objectand a second portion of theglove interface object; a communications module configured to transmit the flex sensor data and the contact sensor data to a computing device for processing to determine a finger position pose of the glove interface object,the finger position pose being applied for rendering a virtual hand in a view of a virtual environment on a head-mounted display (HMD), the virtual hand being rendered based on the identified finger position pose.”

In short: if you make your hand into the shape of a phone, a phone can be programmed to appear on-screen within VR.

Visit Develop for more details.

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