Sony: Portable 3D is limited

Having thrown its full corporate weight behind the current home 3D drive, SCE boss Kaz Hirai has questioned the very viability or portable 3D.

In in-house research, naked eye 3D for portable machines is not high and there are presently limits for it,” the exec told Sankei, as reported by Kotaku.

Note, though, that the comments were made prior to Nintendo’s reveal of the 3DS at E3 last week.

It’s also important to note that Sony has a huge vested interest in downplaying any concerns regarding the requirement of glasses to view current 3D tech.

Both its Computer Entertainment division and its Bravia operations have poured plenty of resource into developing and marketing 3D technology. For a competitor to go lvie with a solution that on the face of it addresses the main criticism being thrown at you must be of some concern.

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