Sony product boss questions Wiis longevity

VP of product marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America Scott Steinberg has called Wii’s long-term future into question – adding that PS3’s games will begin to distance themselves from other next-gen games”.

Speaking to Next-Gen, Steinberg said:

In three years certain systems will look pretty long in the tooth graphically if not look like they’re extremely dated….

Wii is on a different trajectory completely and I’m not exactly sure what that will look like in two or three years time. The technology that’s under that hood is so different from ours and I think the jury is still out.”

When discussing PS3’s software releases over the next five years, Steinberg added:

In the years ahead our games will begin to distance themselves from other next-gen games, our games being first-party exclusives.

"As our teams work on third generation software, you’ll see games begin to tip the scale at thirty gigs, forty gigs, fifty gigs. You can’t possibly fit that on HD-DVD unless you want to do the old floppy disk swaps of years past.”

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