Sony promises to shore up 20th Anniversary PlayStation sale process

A widely publicised exploit that has allowed anyone to enter the ballot to buy a 20th Anniversary PS4 is to be shored up by Sony.

Yesterday one grumpy gamer published a post entitled "Hacking the PlayStation competition" that allowed people to access the purchase form without jumping through the hoops of the competition process.

This blog post details a simple exploit that allows you to get hold of the secret form URL within seconds of the page going live,” author Dean Wild said. I’ve published this information because this competition has been a complete scandal with people cheating and sharing the links on forums and twitter.

My goal is to force Sony to shut down this shambles and distribute the consoles in a fairer way. Of course, they might just plug the hole so don’t be surprised if this exploit stops working.

"This was a pretty feeble attempt by Sony UK to make a fair and secure competition. This hack took me about an hour to knock up. Now this is out in the open is Sony going to try a little harder? Why don’t you stop this farce of a competition and raffle the consoles off for free? Also, buy some more servers you f*****g amateurs."

Now Sony has told Eurogamer that additional security measure have been put in place.

We launched [the competition] with the intention of giving our true fans the best opportunity of purchasing the PS4 20th Anniversary Edition console," the company said.

"Unfortunately we are now aware of some users attempting to run programmes to reveal the URL early and give themselves an unfair advantage. Users we identify as using these tactics will be disqualified from the process and will continue to be. Since reports of this behaviour surfaced we have been adding additional encryptions and will continue to do so in advance of the final clue tomorrow."

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