SONY: PS3 exclusives for MoH, Dead Space 2

Electronic Arts showed serious support for Sony’s PlayStation platforms during the latter’s E3 presentation today.

As well as supporting Sony’s initiatives for Move, 3D gaming, PSN and more, EA today said it will offer exclusive PlayStation-only content in two key games.

The first is Medal of Honor which includes the first game, Medal of Honor: Frontline remade in HD, and exclusive multiplayer maps.

The other game in the deal is Dead Space 2, which will come with a PS3 version of Dead Space Extraction, the Wii game also being turned into a PSN title.

"15 years ago EA and sony locked arms for the of the PSone," said EA’s John Schappert.

"in the years that followed we grew up together – it grew into one of the strongest relationship ins the games industry, and arguably all of entertainment.

"The Sony-EA partnership has never been stronger."

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