Sony: Q1 as robust as Q4

The days of cramming all your key releases into the lucrative Q4 release window are over, according to SCEA boss Jack Tretton.

The statement comes amidst a huge sales quarter for Sony, in which the platform holder will release three key PS3 releases worldwide – MAG, Heavy Rain and God of War III.

It used to be if the game doesn’t ship for Christmas, "oh my god, two-thirds of the sales are out the window, it’s a disaster", the exec told Fast Company. And the only games that shipped in the first quarter were the disappointments.

Now the first quarter is just as robust as the fourth quarter in terms of sales potential. And people no longer worry about whether they’re going to make Christmas. I think we are spending a lot more time now on portfolio management – not only looking at genres, but looking at timing, who the competition is, and what the consumer wants.

You’re not seeing 10 shooters in the month of November, like you might have seen before. Grand Theft Auto is successful, so then 10 rip-offs come out. People are really thinking a lot more creatively.”

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