Sony responds to PSP-3000 screen problems

A growing number of users are voicing their complaints regarding the new LCD screen on Sony’s revised PSP-3000 – with concerns focusing on the problem of visable scanlines on the machine’s screen.

The new PSP offers a brighter screen with deeper blacks and more vibrant colours, but many are now claiming that the screen has a tendency to show scan lines – a result of the machine de-interlacing the image.

Speaking to PSPFanboy, SCEA claimed: On some occasions, scan lines may appear on scenes where brightness changes drastically, due to the hardware features of the new LCD device on PSP-3000. Installed with this new LCD device, PSP-3000 offers more natural and vibrant colours on its screen, but the scan lines have come out to be more visible as a result of improving response time to alleviate the afterimages on PSP-3000.

Since this is due to hardware specification, there are no plans for a system software update concerning this issue.”

Still, none of this has stopped the PSP-3000 enjoying a storming debut in Japan.

In other PSP news, Sony has stated that it has identified an issue relating to the new PlayStation Store which has caused problems for those using 8GB or 16GB Memory Stick Duos. The platform holder expects to issue a firmware update shortly (v5.01) which will address the problem.

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