Sony reveals Natal-like Kung Fu Live

The lid has been lifted on a brand new game coming to PS3 that appears to offer much of the functionality touted by Microsoft’s upcoming motion camera Natal.

Called Kung Fu Live, the download-only PSN title uses the PlayStation Eye camera to place a full body image of a player in the game. Their real-time movements are then used to fight off the game’s digital foes.

With our Freemotion technology and the awesome quality of the PlayStation Eye camera, full-body motion gaming is already here,” CEO of developer Virtual Air Guitar Company Teemu Maki-Patola stated on the PlayStation Blog.

Kung-Fu Live also scans you inside the game world where you literally become the hero of the game. There you are boosted with super human abilities, such as being able to jump flips without actually making flips, do high jump kicks, shoot lightning from your hands, and so on.

So toss away the gamepad for a change and experience what it’s like to be Jackie Chan (no real martial art skills needed).”

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