Sony saved its biggest surprises for VR

PlayStation VR owners who had voiced doubt about Sony’s level of commitment to the hardware fear not – there were plenty of VR surprises at the E3 showcase this morning.

The headline grabber was the VR version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Bethesda has previously confirmed VR releases for both Fallout 4 and Doom, but no-one had predicted that Skyrim was also in line for the same treatment.

VR players will get the full game, including all of its expansion packs.

Furthermore, the game is due out in November 2017, so there’s really not that long to wait. Although PSVR remains the only listed platform, we’ve not seen any mention of the word ‘exclusive’, so we can probably expect it to hit rival VR platforms as well.

Supermassive games had two VR titles to announce. First off is horror title The Inpatient. As per the blurb: It places you in the role of a patient with amnesia and is set in the Blackwood Sanatorium, over 60 years prior to the award-winning Until Dawn.” The Inpatient will be standalone, however, and won’t require Until Dawn to play.

Also coming from the studio is Bravo Team. This is a military FPS, although unlike existing rivals like Vive title Onward, Supermassive’s game will be character and plot driven.

The description adds: Bravo Team is set in a fictional modern day Eastern European city. When your escort mission goes wrong and results in the President’s assassination, a country threatens to tear itself apart…and your team along with it.”

While VR support for Final Fantasy XV had previously been confirmed, it looks like the VR mode has undergone a bit of a change – it now takes the form of some fishing-based DLC.

A big name now confirmed for PSVR is Superhot VR, which just recently hit Vive after its long period of Oculus Rift exclusivity. Apparently the PSVR version should be out in just a few weeks.

Other PSVR titles that were shown off include Polyarc’s Moss and Playful Corp’s Star Child.

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