Sony says bright light and shiny surfaces will cause problems for PSVR

Sony has updated its PSVR FAQ to reveal that bright light and shiny surfaces, like mirrors, will cause issues for the camera used to track PSVR.

The FAQ mentions that ambient lighting is fine, but if the user is sat in front of a window with direct sunlight coming through, or if there is just a lot of light generally then the camera may not be able to pick up the LEDs on the headset used for movement tracking. This probably explains why people have had issues when trying to record PSVR with a studio set up and lots of lights.

Also mentioned is that the tracking can fail if there is reflective surfaces in the room, such a mirrors. This is because the camera will pick up two sets of LEDs, the one on the headset and the reflected image. Which as you can imagine will confuse the system and create some interesting results.

The short version is that if you want to play PSVR your best off playing in a dark room with no mirrors.

At least PSVR users don’t have to worry about an explosion going off two inches from their eyes, unlike Gear VR users.

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