Sony signs HBO deal

The already decent video offering on the PlayStation Network has been given another boost after Sony and Time Warner signed a deal to bring HBO programming to the US arm of the network.

The agreement will see the likes of Curb Your Enthusiasm, True Blood, The Sopranos, Sex and the City and The Wire appear on the service. In future, new releases will appear alongside their arrival on DVD at retail.

They will be priced higher than most content already seen on the service, with episodes of high profile dramas costing as much as $2.99.

HBO is a high-profile content provider, and a real premium service, so we think this really reinforces that the PlayStation is more than just a video-game console now,” Sony chief executive Jack Tretton stated.

It gives consumers that big-screen, HD experience in the home on a device other than cable and satellite, and that’s becoming the norm now as opposed to the exception.

"Networks like HBO can be beholden to the cable and satellite companies, or they can play wherever the consumers play.”

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