Sony sued over OtherOS removal

A Californian man is to sue Sony over its recent 3.21 firmware update for the PS3 that removed the ability to install alternative operating systems such as Linux.

The suit, filed by Anthony Ventura, claims Sony’s decision to force users to disable the OtherOS function was based on its own interest and was made at the expense of its customers”, Kotaku reports.

If the complaint is upheld it could have potential ramifications for, as the suit outlines, a nationwide class of all persons who purchased a PS3 during the period November 17th 2006 and March 27th 2010 who did not resell their PS3”.

Earlier this month it was reported that a US Amazon customer had successfully claimed a partial refund from the retailer after it was argued that his PS3 was no longer fit for purpose” as it didn’t include previously advertised functionality.

As a result, Sony has insisted that it will not be refunding any PS3 owners as its T&Cs state that it is free to alter its system software at any time.

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