Sony suggests PS4 sales outnumber Xbox One by 2-to-1

The president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America has suggested that PS4 has sold around double the number of Xbox One units shifted worldwide.

When asked by Gamesbeat whether PS4 has about a two-to-one advantage over Xbox One”, Shawn Layden replied: The math seems to look like that.

It’s going to be a very competitive holiday season. Everyone’s going to move their numbers the best way they can. We’re going to be fully engaged in that battle.”

PS4 had previously been outselling Xbox One at a rate of around 3-to-1 according to both data from retailers and from the platform holders themselves. All of which was the exact opposite of what some analysts had predicted pre-launch.

However, this gap has been narrowing, with EA just this morning saying that Xbox One is catching up quickly” with its rival.

With PS4 sales standing at 13.5m units that would suggest that of the 10m Xbox Ones that have been shipped nearly 7m have been sold to customers.

Layden also addressed what some are saying is a weak first party software line-up on Sony’s machine this Christmas quarter.

Obviously LittleBigPlanet is exclusive. We’re looking, early in the New Year, at titles like Bloodborne and The Order,” he said. For the holiday season, the greatest games are the greatest games. I certainly understand when publishers wish to get their art in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

But I like to think that the games look better and play better on PlayStation 4.”

Layden was also pressed on the recent PS4 firmware cock-up.

Knock on wood, the issues have been ironed out,” he added. Sometimes, in our excitement to bring some great new innovation to market as quickly as we can, we move really fast. I like to think we can remediate very quickly as well.”

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