Sony to launch multiple PS4 SKUs priced between $399 and $599 – rumour

Microsoft’s $499 RRP for Xbox One may have raised some eyebrows, but bigger pricing news may be to come tonight.

Games Industry reckons it has word from a source close to the company” that Sony is preparing to announce three different PS4 SKUs tonight.

The cheapest is said to cost just $399, significantly undercutting its rival. The top SKU, however, could go on on sale for an eye-watering $599.

That translates in real money to 256 and 384 respectively. But after Microsoft saw fit to charge a full 110 more for the Xbox One in the UK than it will in the US, what this will translate to in the real world is a guessing game. 300 and 450?

Sony’s press conference kicks off at 2am UK time. MCV will be reporting everything as it happens. So best go make a cuppa, OK? Ours is white with one sugar.

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