Sony trademarks Vib-Ribbon in Europe

One of the PSOne’s more obscure titles could be heading for a resurrection.

Gematsu reports that Sony has filed a trademark from the Vib-Ribbon brand in Europe. The game, from the developers of PaRappa the Rapper, was released in 2000 (although only in Japan and Europe).

It even received a sequel in the form of the even more obscure rhythm-jumping game Vib-Ripple on PS2 in 2004.

Apparently, SCEA president and CEO Shawn Layden even name-dropped the title at E3, saying: [Vib-Ribbon is] a personal favourite of mine that really embodies the PlayStation spirit. It wasn’t a multi-million seller, but that’s not the point.

Vib-Ribbon was unafraid to go against the tide. It was courageous in its ambition and it brought a completely new experience to gamers.”

Layden also donned a Vib-Ribbon t-shirt when he recently took the Ice Bucket challenge.

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