Sony triumphant in Japan

2010 was once described as "the year of the PlayStation" and Sony looks like it has come up trumps – in Japan at least.

Numbers from Andriasang show that PSP was the best selling games hardware in Japan in 2010, shifting 2,640,499 units between March 29th 2010 and March 27th 2011.

As well as this, the PS3 was the best selling home console with sales of 1,407,126 units.

The DS (2,523,142) was only just behind the PSP, while the Wii (1,397,498) fell just short of topping PS3. In the short time it was on the market in the period 3DS sold 801,423 units while Xbox 360 managed just 195,563 unit sales.

Lifetime Japanese hardware sales are as follows:

* Nintendo DS: 32,598,870
* PlayStation Portable: 16,867,853
* Wii: 11,534,590
* PlayStation 3: 6,341,950
* Xbox 360: 1,448,665
* Nintendo 3DS: 801,423

Nintendo totally dominated the 2010 software charts, claiming four of the top five selling games – Pokemon Black & White, Wii Party, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 and Super Mario Galaxy 2. Only Capcom’s PSP title Monster Hunter Portable 3rd prevented a clean sweep, becoming the second best selling game of the year.

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