Sony unites its music, tech, gaming, and movies content for Sony Collaboration Series

Sony has unveiled Sony Collaboration Series, a new venture designed to unite music artists with its “groundbreaking technology, gaming, and movies”.

Showcasing “all that the world of Sony has to offer through the power of creativity and technology”, Sony Collaboration Series is described as an innovative, new brand campaign that features “experimental projects built by pairing the hottest Sony Music Entertainment (SME) artists with the latest Sony technology, gaming, and movies”. The multidiscipline campaign is part of an ongoing strategy “to further highlight the ties between SME artists, Sony’s technology, gaming and film, and passionate fan communities”. 

Going live tomorrow, and created by agency Ralph, the campaign kicks off with a collaboration featuring rapper and YouTube personality, DDG, pro-skater Neen Williams, and cutting-edge Sony MESH IoT blocks, a platform of app-enabled smart sensors.

“Filmed at The Berrics, an iconic skatepark in Los Angeles, the collaboration creates something truly unique as a gravity-defying skate performance is combined with extraordinary audio and visuals triggered by the MESH,” Sony said.

Another project directly involves the PlayStation 4’s Dreams in “Dreams Universe”. Dreams creators will be challenged to design “a virtual, innovative, live performance arena for the SME artist”, all built using a DualShock 4 controller with 3D elements built completely within the Dreams environment, bringing art designed Dreams “into a real-world music performance”.

“The Sony collaboration with Neen was a dope new way to turn my song into a whole different vibe. I never envisioned a skateboarding song when I made ‘Push’, but seeing Neen vibe out to the record and Sony’s MESH sensors and projectors’ lights going crazy to my song convinced me. I’ve never been a part of something so innovative. It came out so dope,” said DDG.

“Sony’s purpose is to ‘Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology’,” said Midori Tomita, VP in charge of brand communication at Sony Corporation. “We invite you to enjoy these unique experiences that only Sony can deliver by combining the power of SME’s artists with Sony’s technology and content.”

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