SONY: ‘We’re committed to PS2’

US PlayStation boss Jack Tretton has pledged another strong year of support for PlayStation 2 – and told E3 that over 100 new titles will be released on the platform this year.

In a notably noisier conference than Nintendo’s presentation this morning, Tretton (pictured) kicked off proceedings by boasting that the PlayStation brand has generated 30 per cent of all retail sales in 2008”.

Tretton said Sony was committed” to the platform – and that its consumers represented future purchasers of PS3.

He added:

In 2009, if you want the ultimate gaming experience, you need PlayStation. PS2 is now retailing for $99 in the US and the consumer response has been phenomenal.

We’re committed to this system so long as consumers see value in it. There were nine million new PS2 users last year – and over 2,00 new titles available. It still offers a great profit opportunity for publishers and retailers, as well as games for everyone.

There are 100 new titles coming this year. Every time you see someone buy PS2… today’s PS2 owners are tomorrow’s PS3 owners.”

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