Space Channel 5 dev working on Vita music game

The technical director of respected Sega rhythm action title Space Channel 5: Part 2 is bringing a new music game to PS Vita.

Orgarhythm is a new title that blends strategy and music. It will be published by Acquire and hit Japanese shelves this summer, reports Andriasang.

The PS Vita music game is developed by Japanese studio Neilo, which was founded by Sega veteran Takeshi Hirai in 2010. It will include cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes.

Hirai worked as a lead programmer on acclaimed Sega Dreamcast action RPG Shenmue in 1999. He also worked on Shenmue 2 and the much-loved Space Channel 5: Part 2, as well as DS title Meteos.

According to Sinobi, Hirai told Japanese games mag Famitsu: It’s rare nowadays to see a game that’s so difficult to understand.

The game is so different that there were a variety of reactions even internally at Neilo.”

A UK release or publisher for the title has not been confirmed.

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