Space Channel 5 is coming to VR

Rez isn’t the only Sega classic in line for the virtual reality treatment.

Polygon reports that Sega and mobile games company KDDI have announced plans to showcase Space Channel 5 VR at the Tokyo Game Show.

Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be a full port of the 1999 cult classic. Instead, it seems to be more of an interactive demo, in which players can effectively watch Ulala as she records a news broadcast.

There’s a teaser page here. There are links to both Space Channel 5 and Space Channel 5 Part 2 portals, although whether that points to a more fully-fledged release later down the line cannot be said, and may just be wishful thinking.

Currently the app has been announced for the HTC Vive. It’s being developed by Grounding, which is best known for Crimson Dragon on the Xbox One.

Space Channel 5 was, of course, produced by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the creator of Rez. It was ported to PS2 in 2002, the same year that Space Channel 5 Part 2 arrived. Keep your eyes out for PAL copies of the latter on PS2, by the way. That never had an official release in the UK, although English language copies can be sourced from the continent – and are worth a pretty penny.

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