Spencer concedes PC gamers may have little reason to buy an Xbox One

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has admitted that the number of Xbox titles making their way to PC may reduce the need for some corners of the market to buy into Xbox One.

When pressed by Polygon on why a gamer with a decent gaming PC would need to buy Microsoft, console, replied: "You might not. And I want that to be OK.

I’m not trying to trick you into buying an Xbox One for what I’m doing. I was actually asked by somebody, ‘Did you do Forza 6: Apex as a way of teasing the PC gamers with how good Forza is so they’ll go buy an Xbox One?’ No. That’s not the plan.”

Spencer has faced pressure form some parts of the Xbox community over a number of recent announcements that they feel reduce the worth of the Xbox platform.

This all started last month following the confirmation that former Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break is also going to be released on PC. The exec then spoke of Microsoft’s strategy to focus less on platform on more on providing games across many platforms – including PC and Xbox – via its new Universal Windows Application standard.

Spencer has subsequently gone on to downplay some of his comments and insist that Xbox remains very much front and centre of Microsoft’s gaming strategy. Indeed, it’s a point he reiterated to Polygon.

"I think there’s something very unique about playing console games on my television," he added. We’re gonna make the absolute best TV gaming console experience we possibly can, and if you decide that you want a PC gaming rig and to have an Xbox One, the fact that Microsoft has a presence in both of those places is gonna make your life better.

"This way when you go and you buy [PC and Xbox One games], you’re not gonna feel like you’re dealing with disconnected islands that don’t understand what games you own, or where you are in those games, or what your achievements are in those games and what you play with, but that instead [we] put you as the gamer at the center of our platform and build our platforms around you."

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