Spend-happy mobile gamers have similar habits on consoles – Newzoo

Research firm Newzoo has published a new report on mobile power users,” highlighting data that indicates those that spend significant money on smartphone games are likely to do the same for console titles.

The report details the intersts, behaviors, and spending habits of these power users, specifically pointing to an overlap of those who spend significant amounts of money on mobile and console games.

Specifically, 71 per cent of high-spending mobile gamers are likely to carry that trend over to consoles. Conversely, just 21 per cent of console spenders replicate the behavior on mobile platforms.

Newzoo credits Bethesda for its rolling out of Fallout Shelter to take advantage of this effect. The firm further states that Clash of Clans and Plants vs Zombies 2 are beloved by big mobile spenders, while the same can be said for Destiny, Assassin’s Creed and Mario titles on consoles.

Some caveats worth noting: Newzoo does not state the size of its survey sample, nor how it was obtained. The company states it plans to release more data and findings on the habits of mobile power users” in the future.

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