Splash Damage’s new employee benefits have ‘a greater focus on family and mental wellbeing’

Splash Damage has revised its employment benefits for all staff “with a greater focus on family and mental wellbeing”.

The London-based studio says it now provides “more paid maternity leave than any other games developer in the UK” and its revamped package includes “more time off, a GP service providing access to doctors’ appointments in minutes, on-site counselling, and 30 weeks fully paid maternity leave”. It also offers 10 weeks paternity at full pay – five times that of the UK’s statutory requirement.

“This makes Splash Damage the top games studio for maternity pay in the entire UK, and the #2 company in any sector,” the company said in a statement.

All Splash Damage staff are granted 36 days of leave each year (inclusive of public holidays and a three-day Christmas break), access to an employee assistance programme, private medical and dental cover, life assurance, and access to a professional, third-party counselling service at the studio. The studio also says its previous publicised benefits – such as revenue share, enhanced pension contributions, gym memberships, free haircuts and eye tests – also remain in place.

“We recognise that the modern world puts more stress on people than ever before,” said Steve Hessel, Splash Damage’s VP of people. “As one of the biggest studios in the UK, we can’t afford to ignore this – it’s why our new staff benefits focus on making it easier for staff to look after their mental wellbeing in addition to their physical health.”

“As a mother I know first-hand the importance of providing a positive and supportive environment for women during maternity leave,” added Kate Lindsay, head of HR. “Pay is only one element and we ensure women return when they are ready without any impact on their careers. Ultimately, we’re all happier when our lives are better balanced.”

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