Splatoon 2 to get a year of content updates and two years of Splatfest events

Nintendo has promised around a year of extra content updates for its upcoming Switch shooter Splatoon 2, as well as two years of Splatfest events, the platform holder revealed today in its Splatoon 2 Nintendo Direct stream.

Much like the original Splatoon on Wii U, Splatfests ask players from all around the world to pick sides over certain topics, such as their favourite dessert or pet – and Nintendo’s not wasting any time with the first Splatfest for Splatoon 2, either, as it announced it will be taking place on July 15th. That’s before the game even launches.

To take part, all players need to do is download the free demo for Splatoon 2 from the Switch eShop, and decide whether cake or ice cream is the best kind of dessert. The demo will be available to download from tomorrow (July 7th), allowing players to vote and visit the in-game mailbox to create and share drawings prior to the Splatfest next week.

Nintendo also went into further detail about Splatoon’s accompanying smartphone application, the Nintendo Switch Online app. This launches on July 21st alongside the game, and will allow players to access the Splatoon 2-specific SplatNet 2 hub, letting them stay in touch with the world of Inkopolis even when they’re away from their Switch.

The app will display information such as stage schedules, gear and stats, as well as players’ lifetime ‘inkage’ (i.e: how much turf a player has inked compared to real world places, says Nintendo). It will also let users communicate with each other via voice chat (although you can always bypass this with Hori’s rather odd official Splatoon 2 headset/mic combo) and invite other players via social networks and messaging services to join private battles, league battles, Splatfest battles and Salmon Run events.

Splatoon 2 launches for the Nintendo Switch on July 21st, and will be the first game to come with the console in an official bundle. There will also be Splatoon 2-themed Joy-Con controllers available, as well as a Splatoon 2 Pro controller and carry case bundle.

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