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YAHAHA is a new social entertainment platform, where anyone with a creative mindset can create environments, games and social experiences. With supportive tools, tutorials and peer to peer feedback, YAHAHA truly supports creators at all levels, lowering the barrier of entry for 3D content creation and delivering a social multiplayer experience that is accessible to all.

Do you like the idea of creating 3D content or games, but feel unsure where to start? With YAHAHA, creators of all kinds and levels are able to build virtual worlds, including social environments and games. It offers a unique opportunity for anyone with an interest to gain experience and quickly learn how to create, even with limited knowledge or skills.

Now, YAHAHA is inviting anyone who wants to create content to sign up to its early access programme. Not only that, it has launched a Community Feedback Bounty Challenge, which offers rewards of up to $500 to Early Alpha users in return for sharing their feedback and being active on the platform. 

What is YAHAHA?

Imagine a digital universe where, just like the real one, friends can come together to create, share, collaborate and play – that is YAHAHA. Ushering in the next generation of social entertainment, YAHAHA democratises the 3D content creation process, making it easy for anyone to be a creator.

Upon sign up, users create their own avatar using the YAHAHA mobile app, beginning a new virtual lifestyle. Once in the platform, they can hang out, explore games created by other people, or dive into the simple, fun and free to use tools themselves to design games or social spaces of their own. 

YAHAHA offers a complete modular set of tools for no-code content creation – building a new game or social  environment is as easy as drag and drop. YAHAHA provides several gameplay components to help new creators to create. With an interactive Studio tool, and thousands of pieces of art available to use for free, it’s easy to unleash your creativity. In the Early Alpha period, users can access the Scene and Terrain Editors. These easy tools can be used to manipulate and edit game objects, creating realistic landscapes and scenes. With clear tutorials, prompt feedback, constant iteration, and a helpful Discord community, YAHAHA is there to support and guide users through the journey. 

After creating everything, users will be able to save and publish, sending their creation to the YAHAHA cross-platform application for mobile and PC. Within the mobile and PC app, users can come together across platforms to experience and enjoy YAHAHA’s virtual social experiences. This will include digital worlds and games made by users as well as existing YAHAHA content, alongside relaxing social areas, with a variety of control schemes available.

How to sign up to YAHAHA

YAHAHA’s first early access programme is now open for anyone with an interest in creating and gaining experience in development can sign up for exclusive access to YAHAHA. 

Click the banner below to join YAHAHA now and be in with a chance to win a cash reward!

Community feedback is incredibly important to YAHAHA, and will help make it the best UGC social platform ever. Early access users can take part in the Community Feedback Bounty Challenge, which will see Bounty Hunters be rewarded based on the unique bugs and suggestions reported. Each week YAHAHA will announce the Top 5 Bounty Hunters, rewarding $400 to its most active member of the community, with additional prizes of $200 for second and third, and $100 for fourth and fifth. There will also be a special $100 prize given to the most supportive creators. Join the YAHAHA Discord channel to find out more, and to be a part of the growing community.


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