Square Enix abandons Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ‘augmented pre-order’ scheme

The vocal criticism of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s tiered pre-order scheme has led to its cancellation.

The ‘Augmented’ pre-order system was revealed last month, leading to a fierce backlash. Many were unhappy that in forcing customers to choose between pre-order gifts, certain content would remain inaccessible to all but those who pre-ordered the full price Collector’s Edition.

We’ve been listening to everything you’ve had to say about the Augment Your Pre-Order program,” a statement said. When it was first conceived, we wanted the program to give you more choice about what you received in terms of pre-order incentives – because we’ve seen in the past that when we choose those packages ourselves, and split them across regions, it causes frustration.

We quickly noted that this approach created even more frustration than before, resulting in a resounding amount of negative feedback.

We’ve spent a lot of time reading through all of your comments, working to understand how we can try to make things right for you. After much thought and reflection, we decided to close down the program and make all of the incentive content available to anyone who pre-orders [the game] or purchases a Day 1 Edition.”

What impact the controversy had on pre-orders remains a mystery, of course.

The proposed early release of the title has also been scrapped, meaning it will now arrive on February 23rd. Those who have already placed a pre-order will automatically be upgraded.

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