Star Citizen crowdfunds over $15m

Star Citizen’s crowdfunding campaign has surpassed $15m, thanks to a combination of pre-orders and pledges.

Developer Cloud Imperium Games revealed the massive milestone in a post onRoberts Space Industries, while taking a jab at big publishers in the process.

Ten years ago, big publishers decided space games weren’t profitable, and you are proving them very, very wrong,” the post read.

The $15m mark also represented the game’s stretch goal of the escort carrier – a new flyable ship class – along with a 42-page Upgrade Handbook digital manual.

The team already has a stretch goals setup for if $16m and $17m are reached as well.

A new mode called Arena and a laser pistol for every backer will be included if $16m is reached, and another million will see a ship upgrade package for everyone who has pledged money ahead of the game’s release – with the new battlecrusier flying ship class also thrown in to boot.

Star Citizen is currently targeted for a 2014 launch on PC.

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