Star Citizen’s single player campaign will miss 2016 launch date

Squadron 42, the single player branch of Star Citizen, has been delayed into 2017.

At Citizencon the team at Cloud Imperium Games announced the delay, saying that the campaign would not meet its 2016 release date. While a lot of the technology behind the game is done there are still a few areas that are lacking such as AI logic and mission integration.

The team’s current project is to bring one of the chapters to release quality, and when that is done it will be shown off to the public. Somewhat worryingly there is 28 chapters in the game, which makes it sound like there is a lot of work to get done.

During the closing keynote of Citizencon the CEO of CIG Chris Roberts spoke at length about Star Citizen’s future, detailing upcoming updates and showing off a couple of new features. However one notable omission was a firm release date for anything, something that has become a common theme for the much delayed Star Citizen.

Roberts did however, show off some of the new planetary landing tech showing off new planets and the seamless transition between flying and landing. It certainly did look impressive.

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