Star Wars Galaxies fan site hacked

The industry’s hacking woes have alleviated significantly in recent weeks, but a fresh attack today has acted as a reminder of the danger that potentially lays in wait.

VentureBeat reports that Star Wars Galaxies fan site has seen 21,000 email addresses and 23,000 passwords stolen by hackers. All of the data was unencrypted.

The site is part of a wider group of LucasArts fan sites owned by LFNetwork.

A small hacking group ObSec, with apparent ties to LulzSec, were responsible for the breach. It has subsequently published the details it stole online.

However, in better news for the SWG community, Sony Online Entertainment has detailed its plans to mark the game’s closure later this year.

For the next three months players for both the Empire and the Rebels will begin gathering points.

The winner will be revealed shortly before the game is closed on December 15th. Each server will then experience a specific ending according to the conclusion of that contest.

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