Star Wars: The Old Republic down 400,000 subs, Allies update announced

The active player base for Star Wars: The Old Republic has dropped from 1.7m to 1.3m, EA revealed today in an earnings statement.

The 400,000 figure marks a subscriber decline of nearly 25% for the MMO since numbers were last shared in February.

EA explained in a conference call earlier today the decrease was due to ‘casual and trial players’ leaving; adding little more in regards to the game.

The fall in numbers is right in line with (perhaps even a bit accelerated from) Cowen and Company’s predictions last month.

In related news, EA and BioWare have announced plans for the next Old Republic content update, entitled ‘Allies.’ The update is currently slated to launch prior to the end of June.

Little else is known about the update, other than it will be available in EA’s fiscal "Q1" time frame–or before the end of June.

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