Starhawk press campaign takes flight

Retail, specialist press and the PlayStation Access team have been recruited to push Sony’s latest PS3 shooter Starhawk.

The main focus of the campaign so far has been pre-orders, with various special bundle packs available at specific retailers. The platform holder has booked in-store marketing and ads in lifestyle and specialist magazines. The company has also run online media across games sites.

As Starhawk nears its May 11th launch date, press ads will begin appearing in specialist publications including Official PlayStation Magazine and PSM. The firm has also produced interactive takeovers for some of the biggest UK games websites, including IGN and Eurogamer.

Sony will also make use of PlayStation Access, targeting fans of Starhawk’s predecessor – Warhawk.

The 2007 original was one of the first PS3 releases. It was notable for being available via retail and digital at the same time. Starhawk features a number of new enhancements, most notable of which is a full single-player campaign.

We expect Starhawk to be extremely popular with the core end of the shooter market. After all it is the successor to one of the first great online multiplayer shooters, Warhawk, which is still one of the top five most downloaded titles from PSN,” said UK product manager Kerri West.

Our confidence is supported by the impressive download numbers and average playtime of the Starhawk beta which was made available in February.”

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