Stealth Inc 2 dev: Iwata sets indie development milestones personally

(UPDATE:Curve has contacted MCV to say that while the quotes below are accurate they reference the Nintendo published Fluidity.

"It’s misleading as why all our quotes are correct, they’re a little out of context – we were talking about Iwata’s involvement in the creation of Fluidity, a game we released two years ago that was published by Nintendo and, therefore, had a greater degree of involvement from the company," PR manager Rob Clarke said.

"It also wasn’t really considered an ‘indie’ game for the reason, at least not by us. We’ve clarified this in the CVG interview this morning. Stealth Inc 2 is self-published by us here at Curve and so milestones aren’t being set by Nintendo at all.")

The extent to which Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata maintains direct hands-on control over Wii U software publishing has been revealed by Cure Studios.

In an interview withCVGCurve MD Jason Perkins, who it was revealed moments ago will be publishingStealth Inc 2 exclusively on Wii U, confirmed that Nintendo boss Iwata was personally overseeing the direction of key game elements.

Nintendo comes back to us, saying they want to publish the game, only they wanted a 360-degree feature. That in itself broke a lot of design ideas we had," Perkins confessed.

"There were some seriously complicated design issues but we expected this kind of pressure straight away. I mean, from our own perspective, we are working with Nintendo of Japan. The stakes are already elevated when that happens. Then when we found out it was Iwata who was signing off our milestones.
Every time he was testing the build, he said the water movements were making him feel a little sick, so that was a complicated issue to overcome."

Perkins added that part of the logic behind the exclusivity deal is that it will help the game get noticed.

"There isn’t much competition on Nintendo’s store, so we thought that commercially it’s a really good opportunity for us," he said. "Nintendo has sold a few million Wii Us too, so the audience is there. We want to see what the market is like. We want to test it.

"I think Vita has been a surprise success for us. If you compare it to the PS3, for example, you’d expect the home console would be selling the most. Vita’s doing way better for us though. That’s not proportionally, that’s in terms of unit sales.

I think it’s because there’s a more dedicated set of people who appreciate the kinds of games that are coming to Vita. And you don’t have the kind of competition that you have with PS3, because there aren’t triple-A games on Vita."

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