Steam data analysis concludes core gamers ‘don’t technically exist’

Defining your audience around the pereceived ‘core gamer’ is illogical, one report has concluded.

Sergey Galyonkin, who runs the Steam data mining service, said the playing and buying habits of people who are put in such a category are vastly different. He said while DOTA 2 players only play Valve’s game, the Torchlight 2 audience, for example, generally plays around ten times more titles on average.

According to the report, DOTA 2 players generally own 12 games, while Rocket League owners average 78 purchases, and Torchlight 2 players average 117 titles in their Steam library.

‘Core gamer’ is a nice term to flaunt around when talking about your personal habits, but it’s not a viable term for defining your audience,” said Galyonkin. It’s too broad and too vague.”

Develop has the full story.

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