Steam Early Access success Rust being rebuilt from ground up

Facepunch Studios’ Steam Early Access hit Rust will undergo a total revamp, as the current version is being scrapped entirely for one with new code that will significantly alter the game.

Speaking with PCGamesN, Rust developer Garry Newman – also known for creating Garry’s Mod – explained the logic behind going for such sweeping changes on an in-development title that has already amassed more than $30m in revenue (as of this past February).

We’re changing/updating pretty much everything as we re-implement it. There were a lot of stupid decisions made in the old codebase. That’s probably unfair. There were a lot of decisions made when we didn’t know what game we were making,” Newman said.

"There’s a lot of systems that are integral to Rust, that are 3,000 lines long that could be 100 lines long… you change [the current code] and it breaks four different systems that you thought had nothing to do with it."

MCV’s interview with Newman earlier this month revealed the game has sold 1.6m copies life-to-date.

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