Stinky Footboard: A PC game controller you use with your feet

Stelulu Technologies turned quite a few heads at PAX East last week with its innovative new PC game controller, the Stinky Footboard.

The device is a bit like an oversized d-pad that you plug into your PC’s USB port and control with your feet.

It’s a PC gaming peripheral that isn’t designed to replace the keyboard and mouse, but to supplement them. Think running around multiplayer maps or cycling through your inventory on-the-fly while your keyboard and mouse attend to more pressing matters.

I tried a lot of different types of PC controllers, but always came back to the keyboard and mouse. Then I thought, why should we limit ourselves to two hands to control games?” says Stelulu Technologies’ co-founder and R&D director Luc Levasseur.

The Stinky Footboard features a cross design with four paddle-like buttons that you can easily push with your feet. The controller is designed to be used with either one or two feet with adjustable tension to ensure that your feet feel no strain. The four buttons are programmable, so you can assign pretty much any function to them from within the game.

Set for release in June for $119, the Stinky Footboard will first go through a round of Kickstarter funding, the campaign for which is yet to get underway.

Check outthe Stinky Footboard in action

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