‘Stop grey imports and retail street date breaks or risk chaos,’ says ERA

The Entertainment Retailers Association is reaching out to UKIE and calling on games publishers to help stop grey importing and street date breaks.

In a letter to MCV, ERA boss Kim Bayley said: There have always been some less than scrupulous retailers who try to steal a march on the competition by selling new titles too soon, but recently it has become all too common. The problem is that if rogue retailers get away with it, there is little incentive for anyone to stick to the embargo, and we could end up with chaos.

Naturally, on the rare occasions an ERA member is implicated, we act swiftly, but there is little ERA can do when this bad behaviour takes place outside our membership. That’s when we need publishers to play their part.

It’s the same with grey imports; just as with broken street dates, grey imports leech off the investment, the effort and the commitment of reputable retailers.

To be fair, some publishers have been very pro-active on these issues. Activision in particular deserves praise for its efforts, but we would welcome the opportunity to work with others.

That’s why this week we are reaching out to our colleagues at UKIE to see if we can make a concerted effort to drive the cowboys out of town.”

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