Streaming company Lightstream acquires monetisation platform, GameWisp

Cloud-based tech streaming company Lightstream has acquired the subscription platform, GameWisp, for an undisclosed sum.

GameWisp – which worked to help content creators monetise their streams with “benefits, exclusive content, and additional interaction” – shut down in January, and while Lightstream has acquired the tech behind GameWisp, it’s confirmed the platform “won’t be relaunched […] as it once was”. Instead, the company says it will utilise GameWisp’s “transaction and reward engine technology” to continue the “evolution of Lightstream Studio as well as introduce new products later this year”.

“We have a tremendous amount of respect for team and technology behind GameWisp. Their products made it possible for thousands of streamers to effectively and creatively empower their viewers to support them,” said Stu Grubbs, CEO of Lightstream.

“While we won’t be relaunching the GameWisp platform as it once was, we will be introducing some really creative implementations of GameWisp’s technology for streamers to effectively engage their audience and reward their communities. Making meaningful dollars from all your hard work doing what you love is something nearly every creator desires.

“We believe that ‘meaningful’ is different for everyone and much like GameWisp we want to deliver something that empowers streamers at any stage of their journey and whatever their audience size.”

This is the second company Lightstream has acquired in as many months. Last month it acquired the  discovery and analytics tool for live video game streaming content,

Microsoft-owned streaming platform Mixer signed a partnership with livestreaming studio Lightstream this time last year. Now integrated into Mixer, it offers a range of customisation options (such as overlays, alerts or transitions) in order to help content creators give a more polished and professional look to their streams.

“Mixer streamers can route their feed into Lightstream Studio to enable endless customizations,” Mircosoft’s senior program manager Frank Ciaramello said at the time. “And if there are other services streamers love using for alerts (like StreamLabs, StreamJar or Tipeeestream), they can easily link their third party accounts within their Lightstream settings. It’s super powerful and incredibly easy to use. Lightstream Studio is accessible from any supported browser on PC, Mac, or Tablet so streamers can manage their production from the device they feel most comfortable with. Streamers can even go to on any mobile device to remote control their stream for scene switching.”

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