Street Fighter V tweaked to reduce gratuitous close-ups

Eagle-eyed gamers have noticed that a recent update to the Street Fighter V beta has altered the way some of the female characters are presented on screen.

Eurogamer reports that prior to the update, Cammy’s arena entrance featured an absurdly gratuitous crotch close-up. R.Mika, meanwhile, used to slap her already ridiculously exposed buttocks before tagging in her partner Nadeshiko.

You can see examples of both changes below:

One thing you’ll also notice from the video below is that both have been labelled by their creator as examples of ‘censorship’. Game makers are becoming increasingly aware of the inappropriateness of how females are often depicted in video games. Many consumers, however (predominantly male, you would imagine), very much want said content included for reasons we shan’t discuss.

Recently we’ve seen games such as Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water and Xenoblade Chronicles X tone down the extent to which women are objectified in their Western versions. Halo 5 developer 343 Industries, meanwhile, recently caused a stir when it tried to excuse Cortana’s nakedness as a tactical manoeuvre.

What some call censorship others recognise as a sensible alteration of content to atone for markets where the sexualisation of young women and children is not acceptable.That does not mean, however, that all developers have stopped using the promise of exposed or ‘sexy’ females as a selling point for their titles.

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